A Mother’s Work Never Ends

If you are a nursing/pumping and employed mom in the KMC and would like to be featured in this series, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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"As the Center Operations Manager for Ramstein USO I’m responsible for volunteer and event management as well as overall center operations at the Ramstein Passenger Terminal. I work 40 hours a week which sometimes includes weekends. I started working at Ramstein USO recently after we moved to Germany and worked throughout my pregnancy up until the day before my son was born in October of 2018. 

My husband is in the U.S. Army and travels a lot for work. He is thrilled to be a daddy and does a great job at it. I appreciate all his support and encouragement throughout the breastfeeding process. 

In the beginning my son and I really struggled with breastfeeding because he wasn’t getting a good latch. It was very painful and frustrating for me. With the help of some amazing lactation consultants I was able to push through and have been breastfeeding ever since. I’m so proud that I didn’t give up. 

When I’m at work I pump to make sure he has milk at daycare. I have a pumping schedule which has helped maintain my supply. I’m so grateful that Ramstein USO has a great nursing room where I can pump in private. Having that designated space makes pumping comfortable and safe. 

What I enjoy most about being able to pump at work is that even though I’m away from him, I still get to take care of him. That’s the best of both worlds." 

- Julie, Center Operations Manager, USO Ramstein Air Base

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“When I first came back to work after my maternity leave and asked where to pump, they said 'Why don't you just go into that room?' and I responded 'And pump on the toilet covered with plywood? No thanks.' Then they wanted to put Ikea chairs into this one, the fabric ones, and I asked if they've ever spilled milk on a fabric chair. Another mom and I painted the second pump room over in that building, and now there are cork boards with leaves on the wall where the moms put up pictures of their babies. My command is really supportive though, and my First Sergeant let us have the leather chairs that were outside of his office. And my commander would even notice when I needed to go pump during meetings. He'd notice me pull on my shirt and get hot and sweaty, and say 'No, you go pump!'
Right now we have three rooms for pump breaks and we're getting more funding. I'm actually pregnant with baby number two. When I come back from maternity leave after having the baby, and I'll end up pumping in this room a lot, I'm buying a fan for it though."

- Erika, United States Air Force